The Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant is a metallurgical company, that was established in 1979.
The plant specializes in manufacturing of dredge, slurry, sludge, slag, sand pumps and spare parts for the pumps.
. At present, the plant produces dredging pumps by suction from 2" till 28" (from 40 m³/h till 19000 m³/h).
Own design and technological base allows to extend standard series of pumps, upgrade and refine pump units according to the requirements of the customer.
Dredging pumps and flow part details, that have been produced by the Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant much exceed products of domestic production by quality and meet high standards of foreign analogues. The plant gives two-time warranty on operating time, which in real terms is two-time – five-time warranty at any detail of flow part made by any domestic manufacturer of wear-resistant chromic cast iron.
All this makes the operation of pumps that manufactured by the Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant more profitable, than operation of other domestic (cheap but not reliable) and foreign (high-quality but very expensive) produced pumps, as calculated to 1 hour of pump performance or 1 m3 slurry pumping.
Buying products of Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant you save money on repairs.

Structure of the plant:

1. Foundry:
  • cast-iron foundry section;
  • steel castings section;
2. Machine shop.
3. Model sector.
4. Transport sector.

Total area is 5.5 hectares.
The number of employees is about 420 persons.
Foundry capacity is 3 thousands tons.

For the convenience of our partners we have official representative office of the Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Using order forms on our website you can always order pumps and aggregates such as dredge pumps, sand pumps, dredgers, pumps for coal and other products, such as casting and foundry ladles,linings, and also bucket teeth and loosening crowns.

Reliable performance of your pumps is our concern.