PLMZ has mastered a new type of activity - the production of dredgers of the Hippo series, three standard sizes:

1) small dredgers - with a capacity of up to 50 m³ / hour of solid;

2) medium dredgers - with a capacity of 50 to 200 m³ / hour of solid;

3) large dredgers - with a capacity of up to 800 m³ / hour of solid.

A dredge is a floating machine for excavating soil from the bottom of reservoirs.

The Hippo series dredgers are papillonized (non-self-propelled), pantoon devices (vessels). Designed for cleaning and deepening the bottom of water bodies (rivers, canals, lakes, settling tanks, etc.), for the extraction of non-metallic materials, for hydrotransportation of pulp through pipes, as well as for washing beaches, dams, etc.

Pulp is a mixture of soil or rock with water.

Dredgers manufactured by PLMZ of the Hippo series are equipped with soil pumps of our own production with modern diesel or electric drives, with a hydraulic or mechanical loosening method (cutter). The productivity of Hippo dredgers is from 10 to 800 m³/h on the ground.

For ease of delivery to the destination and transportation, all Hippo series dredgers can be easily disassembled into sections and placed in two or three euro trucks or twenty / forty foot containers, and are also easily assembled at the destination.

We will help you choose a dredger according to its productivity, depth of development, type of drive, type of ripper, pulp transportation distance.

The Hippo dredger is a modern device with a high efficiency of pumps, respectively, with low energy consumption and high performance. The Hippo dredger is equipped with all the necessary instruments and equipment (Control room, various sensors, pulp flow meter, density meter if necessary, various winches, etc.)

We also offer mining services. We carry out work with our dredgers on your territory. Those. You pay for 1 m³ or 1 ton of extracted sand (soil, ASG, etc.)

dredge HIPPO FMH-1000 dredge HIPPO FMH-1000 dredge HIPPO FMH-1000
dredge HIPPO FMH-1000 dredge HIPPO FMH-1000 dredge HIPPO FMH-1000

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