One of the activities of the plant is the manufacture of various types of linings that are installed on surfaces subjected to abrasive wear. We have mastered the production of linings of three types:
Combined steel/ CCHH linings 1) Combined steel/ CCHH linings with a very high degree of wear resistance, their main purpose is to protect the bodies of heavy equipment, as well as to protect slides, chutes of feeders and other equipment. Liners are produced in sizes 200/250mm, 90/250mm.
Linings from the edge of the apron 2) Linings from the edge of the apron feeder are a steel base with inserts made of wear-resistant cast iron with a size of 500/750 mm.
The lining of the classifier is made of wear-resistant cast iron 3) The lining of the classifier is made of wear-resistant cast iron to protect the classifier when the pulp moves through it. 450 pieces are included in the package.

Having accumulated rich experience in the production of linings for various applications, we have the opportunity, having carefully studied the features of the operation of the surface to be lined, to develop such linings that you need.

The use of combined linings on buckets of excavators

Linings Linings Linings Linings

Production for the mining enterprises from IPM

  • branch pipes DU – 250-400;
  • outlet DU - 250-600;
  • conical section III 2 steps;
  • conical section III, 2nd stage GTU - 900/360;
  • scoop 2-204531 - SB;
  • armor of the mill 8-15314;
  • complete hydrocyclones and accessories for them HZ - 350, HZ - 500, HZ - 710/750, HZ – 900.

Draft bucket cast 300 liters

Mounted on a wire chain on mobile and stationary dredge plants.
It is used for digging the soil and transferring it for sorting and washing the installation of concentrating plants in the gold mining industry.
It is made of steel, wear elements (teeth) are made of wear-resistant steel (Alloy PLSM-6 developed by PE "PMFP")

Pump units