SEMI-SUBMERSIBLE vertical pumps of the SW series, produced by PE "PFMP", are simple and reliable industrial solutions for working in special conditions! The advantage of our vertical semi-submersible pumps is that it will perform tasks that no "horizontal" pump can handle!

Vertical drainage pump. Actual unit in conditions of uneven supply of effluents. Depending on the pumped medium, it can be performed with a working body of varying degrees of wear resistance.

We have manufactured various versions of vertical pumps, including a unique one - with a shaft length of 3.5 m - specifically for small-sized sumps with uneven delivery.

Pump name

Pump Rating at Optimum PointMaximum indicators
(not performed simultaneously)
Pump weight (kg)


Speed (min-1)

Power consumption (kW)


Head (m)

Speed (min-1)

Power consumption (kW)

4/3SW-A-(2SV)-260R-40-PET 100/30 1500 15 200 42  2000 37 860
6/4SW-A-(2SV)-325L-55-PET 200/40 1500 34 300 45  2000 90 890
9/6SW-A-(4SV)-600R-100-PET 500/45 1000 132 800 62  1000 160 2370
9/6SDW-(4SV)-600R-100-PET 500/45 1000 132 800 62  1000 160 2250



Explanation of pump names


1. Suction nozzle diameter in inches (from 2" to 28")(36");
2. Discharge pipe diameter in inches (from 1.5" to 24")(32");
3. Pump series (1 - 2 letters). Several series of pumps are produced, different in terms of the geometry of the flow path, depending on the work that the pump has to perform:

- W, WK – high-pressure universal pumps;
- MV – medium head pumps with maximum efficiency, for operation at the OF;
- HG – pumps for large volumes of pumping;
- GR – the same, with the possibility of pumping maximum fractions;
- LG – high-speed, for large volumes of liquid pulp pumping, most suitable for tailing facilities of mining and processing plants;
- CW, DW – clear water / dirty water - pumps for clean or waste water with a simplified design of working bodies;

4. Working body assembly scheme - A, B, C, D:

Scheme A - Single case, single disc
With a single (solid) part (housing / suction disk / suction pipe). Simple, cheap and maintainable design. Suitable for small pumps (2"-4") as well as 5"-9" pumps operating in relatively light conditions.

Scheme B - One and a half body
Best of all are suitable for installation on stationary workplaces (OF, ZIF, TsOF) in severe conditions. They combine excellent wear resistance with a moderate price for spare parts. Available in sizes 5"-14".

Scheme C - Single case, double disc
They are used to work in difficult and especially difficult conditions, with various fractions and unstable conditions. Available in 10"-20" sizes.

Scheme D - Double-case, double-disk
Used in pumps 20", 28", 30".

5. Size and construction of the rack - numbers and letters. Letters may be missing if the design of the rack is standard - cast on liquid lubricant:

- digits from 0 to 11 – rack standard size;

- letters:

- L – light version on a welded frame;

- S - solid grease;

- V – vertical execution;

* Maximum allowable revolutions and loads for each specific rack.


6. Diameter of the working wheel in mm and direction of rotation:

- diameter from 240 to 1890 mm;
- R or L - direction of rotation.


7. The width of the flow in the working wheel in mm (from 25 to 350 mm).


8. Conventional designation of the manufacturer.


EXAMPLE: 6/4SW-A-(2SV)-325L-55-PET - semi-submersible pump, 6/4" inlet/head diameter, single casing, single disc, on column No. 2 vertical execution, solid lubrication, with Ø 325 impeller mm left hand rotation, with a working chamber width of 55 mm, manufactured by PET.

EXAMPLE: 9/6SDW-(4SV)-600R-100-PET -
semi-submersible pump for dirty water (faecal), with 9/6-inch suction/pressure nozzles, on a stand No. 4 vertical execution, solid lubricated, with Ø impeller 600 mm clockwise rotation, with a working chamber width of 100 mm, manufactured by PET.



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